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A personal share from Cindy Parwono


Making art is my life-long fascination. Since childhood, I was always interested in drawing. I illustrated “words-only” books that were placed in front of me by my parents so that I could see them come to life. I became the go-to person to get support for any arts & crafts projects because I was always eager to get started. 


I created art for 20+ years. I was an art director that served Ventura Foods, Sysco, Capcom USA, Fox Interactive, Allergan, UCLA, California Philharmonic, Shopzilla, Southern California Edison, Tutor Perini, and California Thoroughbred Breeders Association. I developed websites and mobile apps, and promotional motion graphics, among others. I consulted on several projects around social media, and I mentored & trained designers, and programmers regarding brand evaluation. 


When I had my first baby, like many women, I opted to leave corporate world so that I could take care of my child and be part of her every step. Witnessing each milestone of my child was so rewarding. But still, there was something missing. The artist in me needed to engage with creativity again. My art was calling me back.


Serasi Designs was founded in 1996, but it was redefined at the peak of COVID-19 when my husband’s career was affected. I felt it was time for me to be more engaged in planning our future despite all uncertainty. So I became laser-focused on taking on different creative projects and helping businesses grow. 


As I took a deeper look at the market, I realized a big gap.


Many new businesses and entrepreneurs struggle because they can’t fathom how to begin navigating doing business in this digital age. There’s just too much overwhelming clutter and distractions. And too little time and resources. I also observed that many businesses are stuck finding their place in the industry and end up becoming ‘just another shop’ when in fact their business has the potential to offer so much more. 

I came to the conclusion that businesses need someone to help them capture the essence of what they do, and translate them into visuals so that they can better process and move forward with a sustainable action plan. 


I believe that’s where my role becomes essential. What makes me unique is my ability to visualize what business owners want to create even when they don’t know how to articulate it. I love working with new businesses and bringing their ideas to light. 

With an easy-to-communicate attitude, I love connecting with my clients to understand their business needs. 


I find it so fulfilling and rewarding to help entrepreneurs and startups alleviate their feelings of being overwhelmed. So often, new entrepreneurs struggle to articulate their vision and they feel frustrated because they can’t seem to find someone that ‘gets’ their design needs or their vision for their business. 


My capability lies in transforming less into much. By what my clients don’t say or lack the skill to properly define their needs, I understand the gap and fulfill it with my expertise. I am an active listener, this thing helps me capture a lot while I give space to talk about what a client is envisioning. 


I always want businesses to prosper and grow so I never put my clients in massive debt. With affordable customized options, we can do so much with so little here at Serasi Designs. 


I hope to work together with you and make magic happen :)


Yours Sincerely,


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