Aquatic Zone


The Aquatic Zone was started in 2006 by Christi Caldin who had a lifelong passion for swimming. 


The client had a vision for her site to be informative and user-friendly while representing fun, safety, and kindness. 


Together with Blooming Aces, we designed the website by considering important factors, easy-to-navigate Swim Levels finder, friendly Our Story Page that features Christi’s own little son swimming (he’s now an instructor), easy to read Safety Overview and What To Prepare for class, etc. The website was created in a way to inspire people to learn to swim fearlessly through kind mentors. 


People factor is important in making the visual for the website. We used photos of dedicated instructors interacting with children, happy children in group swimming and making friends. Their energy will attract families to sign up. 

We used a lot of cool blue colors and water effect. Readers will feel the coolness of the swimming pools, as if they are reading from under the water – a positive impact for sunny hot California where Christi’s class is located.