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Mountain Modelling


Mountain Modelling is an information technology company that collects voting feedback from masses of people on artistic content. The company organizes, measures, and ranks models and their content in real-time. Using intelligent algorithm, the models will know where they stand compared to other models. It also provides a non-subjective measurement and ranking methodology for professional agency looking for talents to freelancer looking for models for their products. The company brings together innovations in social media, big data/information technology, and crowd investing. 

To help achieve the goal of the project, which was to create a fun and addictive user experience design, I made:

  • Innovative and simplified interactions combined with a beautiful design aligned to Mountain Modelling's brand values.

  • Wireframes and user flows to envision the end-to-end user experience for the Fans and for the Models.

  • Defined the overall style and emotional feel of the desktop and mobile apps.

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